2017 Best International Game Winner

The Judging Panel has announced the winner of the 2017 Best International Game Winner


Designed by Antoine Bauza, Artwork by Jérémie Fleury, published by iello

Oceanos was a clear winner this year.  It is a superbly illustrated, engaging family game that puts each player in control of their own unique submarine and underwater tableau.

Using some simple card drafting, you’ll choose whether to upgrade your sub, explore the ocean depths, collect specimens, or hunt for treasure – but keep an eye on your fuel and beware the Kraken!

This impressive game is easy to understand and quick to play, but there are enough subtleties and potential for a strategy to make it loads of fun for a range of ages. Better still, it is reasonably priced. So, it is highly recommended as a gift as well as the perfect addition to any family games shelf.

Ages 8+. 2-5 players. Approx 40 mins play time.

Also read about the judging criteria and the 2017 Best International Game Shortlist.

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