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Come join Boardgames Australia!
Do you have a passion for boardgames and a desperate itching need to evangalise the hobby in Australia?

If so, we’re seeking people just like you to shape Boardgames Australia into the future.

What is Boardgames Australia?
Founded in 2006, Boardgames Australia (BGA), a not-for-profit organisation, has helped raise the profile of boardgaming in Australia and helped Australians discover a wide range of the best modern boardgames.

BGA has:

  • established a set of awards that recognise excellence in local and boardgame design
  • provided trusted recommendations to Australian consumers
  • worked with the media to promote boardgaming and its benefits to friends, family and the community
  • supported the development of the boardgame industry in Australia

Members of the Boardgames Australia committee have included teachers, journalists, entertainers, academics and business people united by a passion to foster positive engagement of families and friends around the games table.

After over ten years, it’s time to refresh the Committee with a new group of boardgamers with a vision and energy to bring boardgaming to the wider Australian community. We see the role of Boardgames Australia as a National Organiser, and a trusted resource.

How can I get involved?
If you’re interested simply fill in the short form below where you can fill your areas of interest and expertise, and then we’ll get in touch.

In the meantime, if you have questions feel free to contact us, we probably have answers.