2017 Best Australian Game

The Best Australian Game short list sees another year of increased quality amongst varied designs and themes.

Below is the 2017 BGA Best Australian Game short list, presented in alphabetical order.

Burger Up
by Matthew Parkes, published by Rule & Make

Build burgers by procuring ingredients  and serve them up to fickle customers who demand specific types of ingredients in this 2-4 player game.
30 minutes.

by Phil Walker-Harding, published by Z-Man Games

Beautiful 2-4 player tile-laying game with simple rules and some tactics in trying to get multiple uses from your workers (on the tiles).
30-45 minutes.

by Wesley Lamont, published by RAEZ

Interesting 2-6 player abstract game centering on management of your hand of tiles to seize opportunities as they arise.
30 minutes.

by Matt Dunstan & Brett Gilbert, published by  Space Cowboys

An intriguing mechanism for claiming cards is at the heart of this 2-4 player game. It offers a lot of variety for experienced gamers, but may be a bit too demanding for family play.
60-90 minutes.

by Phil Walker-Harding, published by KOSMOS

A game with few actions, but interesting choices. 2-4 players compete to get their stones to the best construction sites.
40 minutes

One Zero One
by David Harding, published by Grail Games

A fast head-to-head duel for two players. The theme of computer programming might turn some away, but this is a simple and elegant game of positional play.
15 minutes.
by Joel Finch, published by Good Games Publishing

Snap up cards to build a theme park to attract paying visitors, while attempting to avoid the unfair tactics of your opponents in this 2-5 player game.
25 minutes per player

For details on the judging criteria,  see Best Australian Game criteria.