Best Children’s Game

Best Children’s Game is awarded to the best new game that is designed to be enjoyed by children under the age of 8 (and their families).

Past Winners

YearWinnerShort ListDetails
2018Rhino Hero: Super BattleMemoArrr!, Rhino Hero: Super Battle, Sparkle Kitty, Tiny Park2018 Details
2017Ticket To Ride: First JourneyGo Cuckoo, Ice Cool, Ticket To Ride: First Journey2017 Details
2016My First Stone Age [No short list announced] 
2015Doodle Quest  [No short list announced] 2015 Details
2014Three Little PigsBanjoolie Xeet, Goblins Drool! Fairies Rule!2014 Details
2013Catan: JuniorRhino Hero  2013 Details
2011/2NellyBeep! Beep!, Lego – Harry Potter Hogwarts, Vampires of the Night, Water Lily  2011/2 Details
2010The Kids of CarcassonneGo Nuts!, Magic Labyrinth, Minotaurus, Ring-O Flamingo  2010 Details
2009Viva Topo!Blokus 3D, Double Shutter Junior, Giro Galoppo, Hula Hippos, King Toad, Spaghetti Junction, Whirlpool  2009 Details
2008Quoridor KidBingory, The Black Pirate, Codebreaker, Cogno: Alien Adventure, Froggy Boogie, Gumball Rally 2008 Details

Eligibility for the Best Children’s Game Award

In selecting a winner, the judges will look for a game that:

  1. has rules that are clear and simple
  2. allows players to feel they have done clever or exciting things during the game
  3. can be replayed many times with enjoyment
  4. encourages interaction, especially co-operation, with the other players
  5. is designed so that players of all ages can enjoy spending time together
  6. has sturdy and attractive components
  7. represents good value for money
  8. is different from other games
  9. has a manageable playing time that is appropriate to the age of the players
  10. scales well with different numbers of players (ideally for 2 to 6 players)

Games are eligible for consideration if they have become available from retailers in at least two Australian capital cities (or by mail order / online from an Australian retailer) in the calendar year before the award. The game must be a stand-alone game that does not require purchase of another (base) game to play.