2018 Best Children’s Game

Nominations are currently open for the 2018 Boardgames Australia Best Children’s Game award.
The awards are open to stand-alone board games which were first made available (in English) to Australian retailers between 1 January 2017 to 31 May 2018 and are currently available in at least two Australian retailers.
Additionally, the Best Australian Game requires that the game have creative content from designers, developers or illustrators generated by an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Additionally, for the Best Children’s Games award, the game should be designed to be playable by children under the age of 8.

Games submitted for consideration should be received by mail before 31 May 2018.
For the full details of each award, including the eligibility and judging criteria, as well as the submission form itself, please see the Best Children’s Game Award Submission Pack
We look forward to receiving your submissions.

The 2018 Boardgames Australia Best Australian Game Judging Panel consists of:

  • Lachlan Albert
  • Evan Francis
  • David Gove
  • Simon Holding
  • Amanda Holmes
  • Jamie Lawrence
  • Ben Tinney
  • Mathew Utting

About the Boardgames Australia Awards
Since 2008, Boardgames Australia has given awards to the best games in three categories, Best Australian Game, Best International Game and Best Children’s Game.

Each award is judged by a panel made up of judges from a variety of backgrounds and Australian cities. Games are judged on a variety of criteria, with a focus on games that can be played by the whole family.

The winners of the 2017 awards were:

  • Best Australian Game: Imhotep by Phil Walker-Harding
  • Best International Game: Oceanus by Antoine Bauza
  • Best Children’s Game: Ticket To Ride by Alan R. Moon

About Boardgames Australia

Boardgames Australia is a non-profit organisation founded in 2007 to stimulate the growth and raise the profile of boardgaming in Australia.

We also aim to

  • increase sales of quality boardgames in Australia and increase the penetration of quality boardgames in retail outlets across Australia.
  • encourage the development of the boardgame industry in Australia, from game design & development, through publishing and sales.
  • promote boardgaming as a way to bring friends and families together to share each other’s company and produce stronger and more resilient families.