Previous Winners

Winners of the Boardgames Australia Awards are listed first, the shortlisted games for each year are below them. (The change in award dates meant there was one winner for 2011/2012)


Best International Game winners

2013 – Guildhall

2011 – Cargo Noir

2010 – Dice Town

2009 – Pandemic

2008 – 10 Days in Asia


Best Australian Game winners

2013 – Dungeon Raiders

2011 – Dweebies

2010 – Make’n’Break Compact

2009 – Sorts for Kids

2008 – Archaeology: the card game


Best Children’s Game winners

2013 – Catan: Junior

2011 – Nelly

2010 – The Kids of Carcassonne

2009 – Viva Topo!

2008 – Quoridor Kid


Best International Game shortlist

2013 -Divinaire, Dominant Species, King of Tokyo, Sewer Pirats

2011 – 7 Wonders, The Adventurers: the Pyramid of Horus, Forbidden Island, Hawaii, Kingdom Builder, Quarriors!, Takenoko, Tschak!

2010 – Abandon Ship, The Adventurers, Bridge Troll, Cyclades, Finca, Macao, Pack & Stack, Roll Through the Ages: the Bronze Age, Small World,Tobago

2009 – Aquaretto, Fast Flowing Forest Fellers, Ilium, Master Labyrinth, Metropolys, Oregon, Pick & Pack, Red November, Ticket to Ride: the card game, Witch’s Brew

2008 – Chang Cheng, Notre Dame, Portobello Market, Qwirkle, Thebes, Vikings, Zooloretto


Best Australian Game shortlist

(games can appear two years in a row)

2013 -Animalacious, Cuble, Pirates of the Spanish Main: Shuffling the Deck, Rosetta, Viewpoint: Reflections

2011 – Caption If You Can!, Cuble, Dungeon Raiders, Higher or Lower, Rosetta, Viewpoint

2010 – Caption If You Can!, Heads of State, Higher or Lower, Whirlpool, Word Wrangles Game Pack

2009 – Cannonball Colony, Heads of State, KogWorks, Make ‘n’ Break Compact, Word Wrangles Game Pack

2008 – Acronymia, Kingdom Quest, KogWorks, Sorts, SuDoKu Battle Lines, Word Wrangles


Best Children’s Game shortlist

2013 -Rhino Hero

2011 – Beep! Beep!, Lego – Harry Potter Hogwarts, Vampires of the Night, Water Lily

2010 – Go Nuts!, Magic Labyrinth, Minotaurus, Ring-O Flamingo

2009 – Blokus 3D, Double Shutter Junior, Giro Galoppo, Hula Hippos, King Toad, Spaghetti Junction, Whirlpool

2008 – Bingory, The Black Pirate, Codebreaker, Cogno: Alien Adventure, Froggy Boogie, Gumball Rally