Essential Games Library – Australian Games

3 great Australian games

Game Name: Sunda to Sahul
Designer: Don Bone
Publisher: Sagacity
Players: 1-4
Playing time: 60 minutes
Suitable for: Families (ages 10 and up); adults
You’ll love it because: Sunda to Sahul is a game and a puzzle in one box! The beautiful pieces show sections of land and sea and can be assembled to form large islands or an archipelago of little ones. The aim of the game is to complete land segments which then allow one of your tribes go and live on the island. The game ends with the first person to have all their tribes settled. The game comes with a variety of puzzle challenges to amuse a single player when there is no-one else to play the game with.
Game Name: Snorta
Designer: Tony Richardson & Chris Childs
Publisher: Out of the Box
Players: 3-8
Playing time: 30 minutes
Suitable for: Ages 6 and up
You’ll love it because: Snorta is best thought of as Snap with attitude, and is crazy grunting snorting fun at its best! Each player has a rubber farm animal that they show once and then hide in their barn. In turn, each player flips over a card picturing an animal on to the pile in front of them. If two players’ piles have matching cards, the first to make the noise of the animal in the barn of the other player wins the “duel” and the loser must pick up both piles of cards. Winner is the first person to get rid of all their cards. Also available from Ventura as a cheaper game with only cards and no cute barns and animal figures.


Game Name: Make ‘n’ Break
Designer: Jack Lawson & Andrew Lawson
Publisher: Ravensburger
Players: 2 to 4 (or more)
Playing time: 30 minutes
Suitable for: Families (ages 4 and up)
You’ll love it because: Who doesn’t love building blocks? Make ‘n’ Break is a fast-paced, exciting game where players race to arrange blocks into the structure shown on a card – then knock their structure down to start another one. Making it tricky is that each block is of a different colour, and the card often specifies the colour of each block in the structure. Fantastic for the very young, Make ‘n’ Break is also popular with older children and adults.