Essential Games Library – Under 6

3 great games for under 6’s

Game Name: Monza
Designer: Jürgen Grunau
Publisher: HABA
Players: 2-6
Playing time: 10 minutes
Suitable for: Families (ages 5 and up)
You’ll love it because: Monza puts you behind the wheel of a racing car! An ingenious system of 6 dice with different coloured faces that match the coloured board spaces forces you to plan your move so as to go as far as possible. The game encourages forward thinking by children, but has enough luck that anyone can win in a nail-biting finish. The adorable wooden racing cars make this game a sure-fire winner.


Game Name: Chicken Cha Cha Cha
Designer: Klaus Zoch
Publisher: Zoch / Rio Grande (English language edition)
Players: 2-4
Playing time: 20 minutes
Suitable for: Ages 4 and up
You’ll love it because: The chickens have gone crazy and are trying to pluck out each other’s tail feathers! Each player has a gorgeous wooden chicken with a removable tail feather. Players need to remember the location of snail and worm cards so they can race around the ring of tiles. Each chicken they overtake has to give up all its tail feathers. The winner of this game of chicken-souped-up memory can crow about claiming everyone else’s tail feather!


Game Name: Tier auf Tier (Animal upon Animal)
Designer: Klaus Miltenberger
Publisher: Haba
Players: 2-4
Playing time: 10 minutes
Suitable for: Families (ages 4 and up)
You’ll love it because: The game of stacking animals in crazy positions. Each player receives a variety of brightly coloured wooden animals ranging from a frill-necked lizard to a monkey. A die is rolled which tells the player how many pieces or which pieces to pile on the back of the big crocodile. The first player to stack up all of their animals is the winner. Good for helping develop fine motor skills and great laugh-out-loud fun for kids big and small.