2018 Best Children’s Game Short List

Here are the short listed games for the 2018 Best Children’s Game award in alphabetical order.


Designed by Carlo Bortolini
Art by Pablo Fontagnier
Published by Stronghold Games
10-20 minutes

Players take turns to flip cards in this memory game. If the background or foreground of the flipped card matches the previous card flipped, then the player is still in, otherwise they’re out of the round. Once only one player is still in, they get the treasure. After 7 rounds, the player with the most valuable treasure wins in this 2-4 player game.

Promoting memory, the publisher recommends that it is for ages 8+, however it is very playable for ages 6+ and retails for around $25.


Rhino Hero: Super Battle

Designed by Scott Frisco, Steven Strumpf
Art by Thies Schwarz
Publisher HABA
10-20 mins

In Rhino Hero: Super Battle, players build  skyscrapers for their hero to climb. But the evil monkeys are always hanging around. Who will reach the greatest height before the skyscraper tumbles in this dexterity based brawl for 2-4 players.

Promoting dexterity and decision making, this game is recommended for ages 5+ and retails for around $50.

Sparkle Kitty

Designed by Manny Vega
Art by Leah Artwick
Published by Breaking Games

You are princesses that have been trapped in cursed towers. To save yourself you’ll need to play (and read aloud) cards from your hand to the spell book, matching the symbol or colour of a card on the spell book. Once a player has played all the cards in their hand, they’ll take a card from their tower and draw back up. Once a player has taken all of their tower cards, they have escaped and won in this 3-8 player game.

Sparkle Kitty promotes reading in a fun way, is recommended for ages 6+ and retails for around $30.

Tiny Park

Designed by  Marco Teubner
Art by Esther Diana
Published by HABA
10 mins

In this 2-4 player game, players will roll dice to attempt to match the icons on one of the tiles on offer. If they succeed, they’ll add the tile to their park. The first player to completely fill their park is declared the winner.

Tiny Park promotes pattern matching and probability, is recommended for ages 5+ and retails for around $20.

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