2015 Best Australian Game

This year was one of the strongest fields ever.

The judging panel consisted of

  • Fraser McHarg
  • Gregor McNish
  • Phil Reakes
  • Mathew Utting
  • Richard Vickery

and decided to short-list seven games which is a record!

Short-listed games in alphabetical order are:

Elevenses by David Harding
Francis Drake by Peter Hawes
Pack of Heroes by Phil Harding
Pyramix by Time Roediger
Rise to Power by Allen Chang & Alistair Kearney
Royals by Peter Hawes
Sushi Go! by Phil Harding

The winner for 2015 is

Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! from Gamewright

Sushi Go! captures the tantalising choices of the sushi train –many delicious dishes will pass by, but which ones will combine to give you the best meal?

The idea is very simple: individual dishes are represented on playing cards by cute cartoon characters (all with big smiles). On your turn you choose one dish to keep, and then you pass your other cards on to the next player; so the cards keep going around and around among the players. Some combinations of dishes will work well together, such as wasabi with nigiri, while tempura dishes are best in pairs, and everyone likes to have the most puddings for the end of the meal. That means that your choice of what to keep each turn is based on your previous selections and a desire to keep the choicest dishes from falling into the hands (mouths?) of the other players. All players take their turn at the same time, so the game plays very quickly. The rules are so easy that everyone from age 7 upwards will have a good time playing. This small game is a whole bento box of fun!

Designer: Phil Harding
Publisher: GameWright
Players: 2-5
Playing time: 20 minutes
Suitable for: Families (Ages 8 and up), Adults