Best International Game

Awarded to the best new game available on the Australian market that is suitable for families.

Past Winners

YearWinnerShort ListDetails
2018AzulAzul, Century: Spice Road, Downforce, Kingdomino, Word Slam2018 Details
2017OceanusAgricola Family Edition, Not Alone, Oceanos2017 Details
2016Stockpile, Codenames2016 Details
2015Sheriff of NottinghamCamel Up, Machi Koro2015 Details
2014BrugesBang: The Dice Game, Thebes: The Tomb Raiders2014 Details
2013 Guildhall Divinaire, Dominant Species, King of Tokyo, Sewer Pirats2013 Details
2011/2 Cargo Noir 7 Wonders, The Adventurers: the Pyramid of Horus, Forbidden Island, Hawaii, Kingdom Builder, Quarriors!, Takenoko, Tschak!2011/2 Details
2010 Dice Town Abandon Ship, The Adventurers, Bridge Troll, Cyclades, Finca, Macao, Pack & Stack, Roll Through the Ages: the Bronze Age, Small World,Tobago
2009 Pandemic Aquaretto, Fast Flowing Forest Fellers, Ilium, Master Labyrinth, Metropolys, Oregon, Pick & Pack, Red November, Ticket to Ride: the card game, Witch’s Brew
2008 10 Days in Asia Chang Cheng, Notre Dame, Portobello Market, Qwirkle, Thebes, Vikings, Zooloretto

Eligibility for the Best International Game Award

In selecting a winner, the judges will look for a game that:

  1. has rules that are clear and not overly complex
  2. maintains the interest of players throughout the game
  3. provides the opportunity to make interesting decisions or to do clever and imaginative things
  4. can be replayed many times with enjoyment
  5. rewards skill but has sufficient luck, or a handicapping system, to allow any family member a chance of winning
  6. has sturdy and attractive components
  7. represents good value for money
  8. is different from other games
  9. has a manageable playing time (ideally under 90 minutes)
  10. scales well with different numbers of players (ideally for 2 to 6 players)