2016 Best International Game

For the first time there are two joint winners for Best International Game, Codenames and Stockpile.

Title: Codenames
Designer: Vlaada Chvátil
Publisher: Czech Games Edition
Players: 2 – 8
Playing time: 15 minutes
Suitable for: Families ages 12 and up
Indicative price: $25 – $35
We shortlisted it because: Players form teams of two and each team has a spymaster who needs to give their team one word clues to identify their teams spies, who are represented by their codenames on the table.

This party game has simple rules which gets the game started quickly, but each game is so enjoyable it’s hard to put back in the box.

Title: Stockpile
Designer: Brett Sobol and Seth Van Orden
Publisher: Nauvoo Games
Players: 2 – 5
Playing time: 45 minutes
Suitable for: Families ages 13 and up, Strategy gamers
Indicative price: $60 – $80
We shortlisted it because: Stockpile gives each player some inside information about what will happen each round and allows players to use that information and what they think they other players know to make as much money as they can.

Mixing bluffing, deduction, bidding and stock markets, players can experience the ups and downs of trading. With a basic and advanced side, it should appeal to families and gamers.