2015 Best International Game – Sheriff of Nottingham

There was a range of great fun family games released around the globe this year.

The judging panel for Best International Game was

  • Neil Fathullah
  • Tommy Dean
  • Simon Holding
  • Carol Witt

Three games were short-listed for 2015

Camel Up by Steffen Bogen
Machi Koro by Masao Suganuma
Sheriff of Nottingham by Sérgio Halaba, Bryan Pope, Benjamin Pope & André Zatz


The winner is

Sheriff of Nottingham

Sheriff of Nottingham from Arcanewonders.com

This year’s winner led the pack when it came to the fun factor and suitability for just about any type of player. On your turn as the sheriff, deciding which of the merchants is trying to sneak illicit goods into Nottingham will lead to all sorts of shenanigans, crazy deals, wheedling, bluffing and downright skullduggery. Well made, straightforward to learn, and above all, hilarious to play, this is an easy one to heartily recommend.

Designers: Sérgio Halaba, Bryan Pope, Benjamin Pope & André Zatz
Publisher: Arcane Wonders
Players: 3-5
Playing time: 60 minutes
Suitable for: Adults, Families (Ages 12 and up)



Machi Koro

A close contender for first place, Machi Koro is an easy to learn, fast paced game that is both fun and challenging. Use cards and dice to build and collect income as you hopefully make the right decisions to make your city as awesome as possible. Delightful artwork, a good balance of luck and strategy, and interesting mechanics made this a standout. As an added bonus, expansions are available, which adds to this excellent game’s replayability


Camel Up

Bet on which camels will take a place in a chaotic race around a pyramid in this exciting game for up to eight players. Beautifully produced with gorgeous components (including a cool die rolling pyramid) this one is easy to understand, suspenseful, and interactive at all times. It’s the perfect light, fun, family game, with players cheering and groaning as the camels cross the line.