Best Children’s Game 2011 Winner

There was again a wonderful variety of games short-listed for the award Beep! Beep! needs speed and fast-thinking, Vampires of the Night is played in the dark with glowing pieces, Lego Hogwarts combines the popular toy with the record-breaking books to make a fun game, and Water Lily involves bluff, memory and some chance. However this year’s winner is the beautiful game Nelly

Nelly is a hippopotamus, living in a pond filled with pond weed and frogs, as well as a heron. Everyone wants a rest on Nelly’s back or snout, but sometimes she eats stinky weed or dips her head to shake off a crab, dislodging all her lodgers. This charming game looks great, and is easy and fun to play. 

We extend our congratulations to the designers Andreas, Ueli & Lukas Frei, and to the publisher Queen Games

Things our judges said included: 

“Really engages younger kids”

“Truly charming components”

“Dexterity and tactics that will appeal to all the family” 

Fun for older children and adults, but everyone can win. Nelly is recommended for those from 4 to 104 years in age!

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