Host a Games Night

Hosting a boardgames night for family or friends is easy, inexpensive and fun.

A couple of weeks before

Decide how you want to run the evening:

  • Do you want people to bring their own games, or will you supply games?
  • How many people can your house hold comfortably? (Remember, you will probably need tables and chairs)
  • Do you want to play a particular type of game (cards, boardgame, etc)?
  • Will you have an adults-only games night or will there be games for children too?

A week or so before: Invite your friends

  • Ask your friends what their favourite games are, or tell them about one that you really enjoy.
  • Try to encourage them to show up on time, so that you can all start a game together.
  • Select some games and brush up on the rules.

On the day

  • Set up the tables for people to play
  • Try to make sure that any food you provide is game-friendly – don’t have messy food like dips or greasy potato chips – or if you do, keep it well away from your games!
  • Set up a game before your friends arrive, if you want to entice them to play it.

When people arrive

  • Welcome them, get them a drink, and explain the rules if they are not familiar with the game.
  • Consider a ‘filler’ game – a short game that you can play while you wait for everyone to arrive.
  • Now have fun!